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Eye on the Cure 2023

And the winners of the 2023 Eye on the Cure Awards are ...

$25,000 FYidoctors
Research to Watch Award

We are thrilled to announce that Ontario-based researcher, Kirill Zaslavsky, was recognized by our judges as the winner of the $25,000 FYidoctors Research to Watch award for his research on comprehensive adaptive immune repertoire sequencing in birdshot chorioretinitis.

Zirill Zaslavsky.JPG

Kirill Zaslavsky


$15,000 Heathbridge Capital People's Choice Award

Congratulations to Montreal-based researchers, Qianqian Wang and Jiaru Liu, who received the most public votes, securing them the $15,000 HeathBridge Capital People's Choice award. Jiaru and Qianqian will put these funds towards a phase II clinical trial testing the efficacy of insulin eye drops in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. 

Qianqian Wang

Clinical Assistant Professor,


Jiaru Liu

Ophthalmology Resident

Fighting Blindness Canada also provided $10,000 in Inspiration Awards to

Matthew Quinn, Dana Toameh, and Manjosh Uppal and Daniel Yoo to invest in their projects


Eye on the Cure is a Fighting Blindness Canada awards competition filmed and presented to the general public to raise awareness of eye health and showcase exciting, young vision researchers from across Canada. Learn more about the competition and how you can play a part.

Research finalists have been announced! Get to know the young, career researchers selected to compete for top prizes of $25,000 and $15,000, with all finalists receiving at least $10,000 in funding towards their research.


Join this unique opportunity to participate in the Academy Night Premiere Viewing on Tuesday, November 7 at MaRs Collaboration Centre, Toronto. You’ll view the individual presentations, hear the deliberations, cast your own vote and be a part of the final show.

Watch the 2023 show to experience the action that inspired Canadians and raised funds and awareness for vision research last year.

WATCH the 2023 show NOW

Vision Exam


Fighting Blindness Canada is Canada’s leading funder of vision research.

We offer hope to Canadians by identifying the best, most promising research that is driving treatments and cures for blinding eye diseases, and by raising and stewarding funds to support this essential, sight-saving research.

Over our 49-year history, we have invested over $40 million to support vision research and education across Canada: that’s over 200 research grants that have led to over 600 new discoveries in areas such as stem cell research, neuroprotective therapies, technological developments, pharmaceuticals, and gene therapies.

All of the research initiatives we fund thanks to our donors supports our goals of understanding why vision loss occurs, how it can be slowed or stopped, and how sight can be restored.

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